assessor web image It is the duty of the Assessor′s Office to establish values of ALL real property within the Town of Goshen (including Village of Goshen, parts of Village of Chester and parts of  Village of Florida) in accordance with Real Property Tax Laws of NYS. All exemptions are administered by the Assessor's Office, e.g. veteran, senior citizen,  agricultural, physically disabled persons with limited income, business incentive, volunteer firefighters/ambulance workers and wholly exempt properties. Other functions of the Assessor′s Office include processing of real property sales, tax escrow account maintenance, address changes and maintain and update inventory on all properties.

A MESSAGE FROM THE ASSESSOR’S OFFICE: Be Aware of Property Tax Appeal Company’s which are doing mass mailings trying to get homeowners to sign up to review your property assessment. These companies will charge a fee if you receive any reduction. In the fine print there is also a $75 fee for an appraisal and a $30 court filing fee. Sometimes a penalty fee is also added if you decide to withdraw your case. Please contact the Assessor’s Office before you sign anything. We will gladly review your assessment and property records with you and make any necessary adjustments. It’s what we do! Another unnecessary expense are companies offering to get you a copy of your deed. Again, contact the Assessor’s office and we will advise you how to do that.

Per the new Real Property Tax Law (Section 1590 [1] ), please use the link listed below to access the Goshen 2022 FINAL ASSESSMENT.

Important Dates to Remember:

MARCH 1st: Taxable Status Date (deadline for filing ALL exemptions, last day to pick up valuation on all real property). (See legal notice published in local newspaper).

MAY 1st: TENTATIVE Assessment Roll filed in the Assessor’s Office & the Town Clerk’s Office. Examination of the Tentative Assessed Values is open to the public.(See legal notice published in local newspaper)

4th TUESDAY IN MAY: Grievance Day (one & only day to personally appeal to the Board of Assessment Review). May file grievance application from May 1st to the 4th Tuesday in May.

JULY 1st: FINAL Assessment Roll filed in the Assessor′s Office & the Town Clerk’s Office. Taxes apportioned for the following year from this assessment roll. (See legal notice published in local newspaper)

Small Claims Assessment Review (S.C.A.R.) & Certiorari (Art.7) Filings must be received within 30 days after the filing of the Final Assessment Roll.

Frequently Requested Forms:

(Can be found on the NYS ORPS website or the links below)
RP305 - Agricultural Exemption
RP305r - Agricultural Exemption Renewal
RP425e - Application for Enhanced STAR Exemption
RP425e - RP425 IVP - Enhanced STAR application -1st time (applies to School Tax Only)
RP458 A - Alternative Veterans Exemption
RP466 f - Volunteer firefighter/ambulance workers partial exemption
RP467 - Senior Citizen application – 1st time (applies to County/Town/Village/School)
RP467 rnw - Senior Citizen Renewal application (applies to County/Town/Village/School)
RP483 - Agriculture & Horticultural Buildings/Structures
RP485B - Commercial/Business/Industrial partial Tax Exemption
RP487 – Solar, Wind or Farm Waste Energy System Exemption
RP524 - Complaint on Real Property Assessment (Grievance Application)
Change of address forms can be obtained in the Assessor’s Office


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