2675 17M Warehouse/RDM and 2659 17M Warehouse/RDM projects Visual Assessment – Learn More

RDM Group, Inc. and its consultants will be performing a visual assessment of the proposed warehouse projects at 2659 and 2675 Rt. 17M stating on Friday March 22, 2024.   RDM’s consultants will be staking the building locations and setting flags/ballons at the height of the proposed buildings and taking pictures from various vantage points on Friday (March 22, 2024) and potentially Saturday (March 23, 2024).  The flags/ballons will demonstrate the height of each proposed warehouse.  Members of the public are not permitted to access the properties at 2659 and 2675 Rt. 17M but should be noticed that the visual assessment is being conducted within this timeframe.


The ballons and flags were flown today (Friday, March 22, 2024) and the visual assessment completed.  Given the pending storms, the balloons/flags will be tied down for the weekend because of the wind.  The balloons and flags will be released again on Monday, March 25, 2024.