Joint Parks & Recreation Commission

The Joint Parks & Recreation Commission advises the Town & Village Council’s and staff in matters relating to parkland, recreation and culture, and participates in planning recreational activities and services.

Goshen Parks & Recreation offers a variety of activities for preschoolers, youth, teens, and adults. Their office is located at 276 Main Street – 2nd floor in Village Hall.  Information on their programs can be found at or call (845) 294 1558.

The Joint Recreation Commission is responsible for reporting, on an annual basis, the need for any capital projects that we have determined to be necessary for meeting our obligation to provide recreational facilities and programs for the residents of Goshen. The Village of Goshen code further directs us to provide these recommendations to both the Village and Town boards. With this responsibility in mind, the JRC would like to submit the following annual report to keep Goshen officials apprised of the present and future recreational needs as identified by the JRC. The following report includes updates to our 2022 assessment, with some additional recommendations and information, and a discussion of matters we believe are relevant to our ability to meet Goshen’s current and future recreational needs.

View the 2023 JRC Report

Meeting Dates/Time

The Parks & Recreation Commission meets on the second Tuesday on each month at 7:30pm at Village Hall.

Commission Members

Chairperson Salvatore LaBruna
(Village appointee)
Vice Chairperson Paul Heppes
Maria Canterino
(Town appointee)
Damian Brady
(Village appointee)
Kate Schmidt
(Town appointee)
Councilman Rick Florio
(Town Board liaison)
Trustee Chris Gurda
(Village liaison)


276 Main Street
Goshen, NY 10924