Licenses & Permits

Access to Public Records / Freedom of Information

Citizens have a right to know how their government operates. Everyone has rights of access to records reflective of governmental decisions and policies that affect the lives of every New Yorker. All records are accessible, except records that fall within one of nine categories of deniable records. Staff of the Town Clerk′s Office are the Records Access Officers.
To request a Town document(s), provide a completed ″Request for Access to Public Records Form″ to the Town Clerk′s Office or email to:

Marriage Licences

* Marriage License Fee $40.00 cash or check.
* Couples must apply together and in person.

Documents Required – Each person must bring to the Clerk’s Office:

    • One age related document: Certified Birth certificate, or Original Baptismal record or Original Naturalization Record, or US Census Record.
  • One identity-related document: Original Driver’s License, or Original Passport, or Original Employment Photo ID, or Original Immigration Record.

For persons who have had previous marriages, information must be provided for each marriage.
Documents required are:

  • If ended in Divorce: Certified Copy of Decree of Divorce, or Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage.
  • If ended in Death: Late Spouses Death Certificate.

Waiting Period, Validity & Physical Exam Requirements:

The marriage license is issued immediately, but there is a full 24-hour waiting period before the ceremony may take place. Thereafter, the marriage license is valid for 60 days. No premarital examination or blood test is required in New York State. For more information, go to:

Dog Licences

Until further notice, if you wish to license a new dog, all licenses will be done by mail and not in person.  Please follow these instructions:

  • For an altered (spayed or neutered) dog, please mail a copy of the dog’s most recent rabies certification and spay or neuter document. If you do not have that document, the rabies certification may state “S” or “N” for the sex of the dog. That is acceptable. Please mail the document(s) and a check or money order for $7.00. Address to follow.
  • For an unaltered (not spayed or neutered) dog, please mail a copy of the most recent rabies certification and a check for $15.00.

These documents should be mailed to the Goshen Town Clerk, 41 Webster Avenue, Goshen, New York 10924. Checks should be made out to the Town of Goshen. Once received, we will mail the metal license tag and the paper license to you at your home address.
There shall be no fee charged for the license issued for any detection dog, geese dog, guide/service dog , hearing dog, police work dog, therapy dog, war or working search dog.
Along with license application and fee, proof of current rabies vaccination, and if applicable, spay/neuter certificate is required.

T.A.R.A. Certificates

T.A.R.A. (The Animal Eights Alliance, Inc) has contracted with the Town of Goshen to offer spay and neuter services for cats ONLY through a reduced-cost voucher programs to their residents. For information and instructions click here.

Goshen Humane Socienty

The Goshen Humane Society oversees the Goshen Animal Shelter. This is a no-kill shelter providing services to the Town and Village of Goshen. They can be reached at 845-294-3984.
If you are interested in volunteering or helping the animal shelter you can call: 845-294-9101

Public Assemblies Permit

The Town Clerk′s Office issues Public Assembly Permits regulating the assembly of persons at a place to which the public or a substantial group of persons are invited or has access, whether for entertainment or the use of premises such as for, but not limited to, festivals, concerts, rallies, runners-racers-walkers-cyclists, parade-motorcade, amusements, movie-video-recording productions, block party and other gatherings of such activities, whether in concert or individually with or without the levy of an admission fee.
No person shall use, allow, let or permit to be used property for the assembly of persons for temporary outdoor public gatherings unless a written permit shall have been obtained from the Town Board.  Application for a Public Assemblies Permit application can be obtained at the Clerk’s office.

Hunting & Fishing Licences

** To obtain a hunting/fishing license please call for an appointment. **
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic social distancing is required. Only one person may apply at a time.
When applying for your first hunting, trapping, or archery license, proof of hunter safety course is required. Applicants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent. Information on Statewide fishing & hunting dates, daily limits, general regulations, special county-by-county regulations, health advisories, etc. are available on line at www.DEC.state.ny.usProof of NYS residency or a valid driver′s license must be presented to obtain a hunting and/or fishing license.

Bingo & Games of Chance Licences

Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations may obtain application forms and instructions for bingo, bell jar, raffles, casino nights, and other games of chance from the NYS Racing & Wagering Board website:, or the Town Clerk′s Office. All Organizations will be required to first get an Identification Number, and then apply for a gaming license.

Paddlers License

The application for Peddlers, Vendors, and Solicitors license is filed through the Clerk′s Office. Regulations governing these activities, and fees, can be found in the Town Code, Chapter 73.

Handicap Parking Permits

The Town Clerk′s Office Issues Handicap hang tag permits. NYS DMV issues License Plates For Persons with Severe Disabilities.  Applications for these “Parking Permits for Persons with Severe Disabilities” are available from the Town Clerk′s Office or NYS DMV Offices.  A hang tag Parking Permit may be issued for either a permanent or temporary disability.  Form MV-664.1 is to be filled out by the applicant and the applicant’s physician, then the original Form along with photo ID is brought to the Town Clerk′s Office, and a hang tag is issued.

Blasting - Exclusives Permits

No person shall store, transport or use any explosives without (a) holding a valid current NYS Dept. of Labor explosives license, and a valid current NYS Dept of Labor certificate of competence – see, and (b) obtaining a permit from the Town Clerk – see Chapter 58A of the Code of the Town of Goshen. The fee for each permit from the Town Clerk is $25 and expires on the first day of January every year.

Carter - Hauling Licence

The purpose of this application is to regulate solid waste management facilities and private carters of solid waste.
The licensing and registration requirements set forth by the Town of Goshen shall apply to all haulers, except where such activities are conducted by the county or by a municipality. An applicant for a hauling license shall submit an application in writing (initial application available at Town Clerk’s Office) to the Town Clerk, along with the required fees and a list of all vehicles owned, leased or controlled by the applicant which will be used in the collection, storage, transfer, transportation, processing or disposal of solid waste, yard waste, construction and demolition debris or recyclables generated, originated or brought within the Town. – see Chapter 80B of the Code of the Town of Goshen.  The fee for each permit from the Town Clerk is $100 per vehicle/truck. Said fee(s) are payable on an annual basis and are payable upon submission of a renewal application.

Genealogical Services

The Town of Goshen keeps vital records for certificates of birth, death and marriage issued by the Town Clerk starting with the year 1881. Records prior to that year may be available from New York State Department of Health.

The Village of Goshen keeps separate vital records for events within its jurisdiction, which includes all births and deaths at the Goshen Hospital and Arden Hill Hospital.  For those records, contact the Village of Goshen at 845-294-6750.

The Town Clerk′s Office will search Town vital records, and provide an uncertified copy, or a Notification of No Record for a fee of $11 per name and type of record searched. For instance, if the request is for the birth, marriage, and death record of a William Frances Smith, the fee would total $33.

No information shall be released unless the record has been on file for the minimum required period, and the person(s) to whom the record relates is (are) known to be deceased:

  • Birth records = 75 years
  • Death records = 50 years
  • Marriage records = 50 years

The minimum required period noted above is waived if the applicant provides documentation of direct line of descent. To request Genealogical Services, complete the Application for Genealogical Services form and mail it to the Goshen Town Clerk along with payment. Processing times may be several weeks depending upon workload.

Town Clerk

Mary Riso

Deputy Town Clerk

Kathleen Collett


41 Webster Avenue - 2nd. floor
Goshen, NY 10924