*Mandatory Restricted Water Use in Arcadia District* – Learn More

*Mandatory Restricted Water Use*

The Town of Goshen is experiencing abnormally low levels of water in the Arcadia District. At this time, please limit water consumption to essential use only.

Non-essential outdoor water uses that are subject to restrictions include:

  • irrigation of lawns/gardens via sprinklers or automatic irrigation systems;
  • filling swimming pools/ hot tubs;
  • washing of vehicles;
  • washing exterior building surfaces, driveways or sidewalks;

For any questions, please contact the water department at:

Karina Wigger
Clerk to the Supervisor
Goshen Town Hall
845-294-6250 x1224


93-32Shutting off or limiting water supply.

The Town reserves the right in its sole discretion to limit the amount of water furnished to any consumer should circumstances of public necessity warrant such action, even though no such limit may be stated in that application or permit for use, or said Town may entirely shut off the water supply used for any manufacturing purposes or for furnishing power; and the Town reserves the right to declare a district an “emergency area” for whatever time is deemed necessary, by giving reasonable notice by publication, if possible, of such intended action, or in the case of making or constructing new work or in making repairs or in emergency, the right is reserved to shut off the water from any consumer without notice for as long a period as may be necessary. During any emergency, any outside use of water, such as for lawn sprinkling, filling pools, watering gardens or washing cars, screens, houses, driveways, etc., necessitating the implementation of a hose, is hereby in violation of this chapter. In the event that the use of a hose is necessary during an emergency, such as for mixing of cement or masonry work, written permission from the Town for a specified number of days is required.