Permissive Referendum May 2024

Permissive Referendum May 2024


Whereas, the district has a need to purchase various equipment for apparatus;

Whereas, sufficient reserve funds have been saved in a capital reserve fund which may be utilized to purchase equipment;

Whereas, spending funds in a capital reserve requires the resolution to be subject to permissive referendum;

NOW THEREFORE, upon motion made, seconded and discussion held, and subject to permissive referendum, the fire commissioners of the fire district RESOLVE as follows:

  1. There is hereby declared a need to purchase a pumper/tanker utilizing funds from an appropriate capital reserve fund;


  1. The district shall purchase the apparatus utilizing funds from the capital reserve fund;


  1. Up to $55,000.00 may be withdrawn from the capital reserve fund for the payment of a pumper/tanker and appropriate equipment. The withdrawal may be taken in one or more amounts;


  1. No funds may be withdrawn until the passage of thirty days from the date of publication of the abstract of the publication of this resolution;


  1. The secretary is hereby directed to place an abstract of the resolution upon the town’s sign board and website immediately, and must remain there for at least 15 days;


  1. The secretary is hereby directed to place such abstract in the newspaper having general circulation in this district.

This resolution was approved by a majority of the Commissioners, on the16th day of May 2024

By: Commissioner Pearson   ,   seconded by Commissioner Mendres

Commissioner Turi          ___Yes_____ __

Commissioner Mendres     __Yes____

Commissioner Pearson      __Yes__________

Commissioner Donnelly   ___Yes____

Commissioner Shovlin       __Yes____