Summary Of Joint Consolidation Agreement PDF


The Joint Consolidation Agreement is to be entered into by the Town of Goshen with Water District No. 1 – Hambletonian Park Water District; Water District No. 2- Arcadia Hill Water District; Sewer District No. 3 – Stonehedge Water District; and Water District No. 4 – Scotchtown Park Water District.  The Town will as of April 1, 2024 be consolidating these four water districts into one consolidated water district.  All property of the four water districts will be transferred to the consolidated water district and any current liabilities from the Arcadia Hill Water District shall be paid from the consolidated water district balances.  Any future bonded indebtedness, the cost of any capital improvements, personnel salaries, annual contract costs and any other fixed costs of the consolidated water district will be paid for based upon a facility fee calculated annually by determining the amount of fixed costs of operation, including but not limited to personnel salaries, annual contract costs and debt service divided by the number of existing and future users within the consolidated water district. Annual operation and maintenance expenses will be determined annually to the presently existing 630 parcels and any additional parcels contained within the consolidated water district based upon a water use rate per one thousand gallons of water consumed calculated by determining the costs other than fixed costs.

A public hearing upon the consolidation will be held by the Town Board at the Town Hall, 41 Webster Avenue, Goshen, New York 10924, not less than 35 days or more than 90 days after November 9, 2023.  Notice of the date and time of the public hearing will be posted and published pursuant to Section 754 of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York.

A copy of the Joint Consolidation Agreement and this summary may be reviewed at the Town Clerk’s Office, 41 Webster Avenue, Goshen, New York, on the Town Clerk’s bulletin board or on the town’s website.

Goshen, New York

November 9, 2023